Update 1.0.2 RELEASED!

I finally released update 1.0.2.
Go download it now!
You can view the update log below:

- 3 more levels!
- Shop system (Beta)
- More setting in Custom Play Mode
- Random Events in Custom Play Mode (Beta)
- Added a Hunter as Building. This added a random amount of food in the summer(0,5,10,15,20) and in the winter(0,5,10).
It does take longer to produce than other buildings.
- Added a better Build Menu. This looks way better and I can now add more buildings.
- Fixed many bugs

Known bugs:
- You can still build on tile where already a building is built*

Coming soon(How higher the number how sooner (max. 10):
- More levels                       10
- More buildings                    10             
- More stuff to buy in the game     9
- Better graphics                   5
- Fixing the bug*                   5


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Jan 26, 2018

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